We’ve entered a new phase at Kairiku. Our goal is to evolve and to grow, both in offer and in our team’s training. In Japanese cuisine, the best chefs are constantly learning, that’s why, this season, we’ve added a very special collaboration to our team – a Master of Japanese haute cuisine. Ryuichiro Katano is […]
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Know More About our Itamae César Léon

My first contact with Japanese gastronomy was in 1993, when I was in a relationship with a Japanese girl. Her father owned a pioneering Japanese restaurant in Argentina and although I wasn’t there long, being there awoke in me great curiosity and taste for gastronomy and, in particular, for the Japanese style. That is the […]
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Save the date 21.03

A trip to Japan, a ritual, a way to enjoy a unique experience where only 10 diners share a single table laden with individual stories. Come alone or accompanied and experience the ritual. We’ll be back on March 21st after a few months preparing and researching so we can continue to surprise  Japanese cuisine lovers. […]
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César León tells us a bit about Kairiku’s next season

2018 season was a great season for us. And we noticed a big increase on the visits we had thanks to the exposure on social media and other marketing platforms that had been noticed from the inside of the restaurant. We also had great feedback from almost all our clients that all helped up to […]
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